Why are Many Countries Close to China Doing so Well?

Of the countries geographically close to China, we only ever hear about South Korea, which is doing exceptionally well. However, other nearby countries –

North Korea, Japan, Vietnam and Taiwan, are also doing exceptionally well. All these countries have very strong contacts with China. Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, is only 100 miles from the Chinese border. And although China and Taiwan have a visceral mutual hatred politically, they have very rich contacts with each other through business. The North Korean “No Problems” narrative is naturally questioned by Western Media, but in the context of all these countries doing well it should probably be accepted. Check the latest graphs for these countries (except N Korea) on worldometer.info here.

So why might they all be doing so well? If you read Epidemiology for Dummies here and What’s Really Happening in China? here, you will see a complete vindication of Dr Wittkowski’s statements. He has long maintained that China had come close to herd immunity before they ever instigated their lockdown. If the virus was spreading unnoticed in China for many weeks, it will also have been spreading in those bordering countries. The natural conclusion is that they too reached somewhere close to herd immunity before lockdowns were put in place.

The science here is quite compelling. And if Covid19 spread in the six countries in question while being confused with seasonal flu, it points to a very obvious conclusion: Covid19 is not that different to flu. This conclusion is supported by much other evidence: see, for example Your Chance of Dying here. It becomes increasingly clear that we are being hit very hard indeed not by Coronavirus, but by Coronapanic.