NB This list is incomplete due to time constraints. In any case we strongly advise people to do their own deep research on the web. In doing this, be

aware that Google searches always bring up establishment views first, flooding the zone. You have to be a little bit cute with your search terms to find the other side of the story.

Wittkowski Status. Rockefeller University have just released a statement saying that he was not a Professor there, although he never claimed to have been. They are splitting hairs. For twenty years Dr Wittkowski was Head of the Department of Biostatistics, Epidemiology, and Research Design there. From a layman’s perspective, that means working as a Professor. Further, he previously worked with Prof. Klaus Dietz at the University of Tubingen and became a Professor there. Dietz has been a key player in the development of the now fully accepted concept of R0 in Epidemiology.

Prof Ferguson, Exit Strategy. Financial Times. (You will need to register.)—We-don-t-have-a-clear-exit-strategy-/

Prof Ferguson Lack of Transparency. Nature Magazine. About half-way down article it says he is “trying to tidy up code for release.” The article otherwise just provides more confusion.

For Epidemiology and SIR see Researchgate:

Prof Knut Wittkowski. Go here: Click on Two Epidemics of Covid-19 at the top of the page for a pdf of article by Wittkowski, and scroll down the page for text of an interview with him.

Financial Crash. Guardian. Shows the usual ignorance of epidemiology, but understands the likely economic effects of the response.

NHS Situation. Health Service Journal. Patients at London Nightingale:

NHS Empty beds:

General Statistics.

Death by Age in Italy.

Death by Age in UK. BBC /ONS.

Probability of being struck by lightning. National Geographic. Others put the odds even lower, but at this level of probability it hardly matters.