Politics Controls the “Science” on Covid19

From the dozens of papers and comments that hit my inbox every day I am always looking for items that are worth repeating or summarising here. There is actually far more material than I can keep up with. Today, I was especially impressed with this paper by Dr Josh Mitteldorf. He has taught, among other things, statistics, physics and maths at a number of institutions including Harvard and Berkeley. He also has political involvement with Election Integrity 

His latest paper, from his Science Blog, runs to 2,500 words. That is not overlong, not verbose, and covers a lot of key ground. He rather politely uses the phrase “Politics Influences the Science” in his title. I think that is over-generous. Otherwise I agree with everything he says, and have placed his contribution here as a downloadable pdf. I think it’s one to keep. Just click Politics Influences the Science of COVID-19. (On mobile turn your phone to landscape for the pdf.)