Political Processes End. All Power to President Boris.

The Lockdown affects everything. Parliament is closed. Constituency Political Parties, be they Labour, Conservative, SNP or whatever cannot meet. Nor can their smaller Branch or Ward Groups. People may not gather to discuss things. Democracy is effectively closed down “for the Duration”. And that, on current trends, will be many months; even a year or more.

The Mass Media, who are often thought of as the champions of truth and liberty, always holding Government to account, have gone into Wartime Mode. This means they only act as a Government mouthpiece, spawning endless reports that support Government policy. Prof. Ferguson, the Government’s chief adviser on Epidemiology, is hailed as a hero; other Epidemiologists, who in their measured, academic way say he is an idiot, are not given a hearing. In fact, their very existence is mainly ignored. The Public is left with no opportunity to consider what is really going on.

Frequently, in the past, we have all accepted that at times people die for the sake of our political liberties. Now the message is only “Save Lives.” A message that ignores the fact that current policy will, at best, save very few, while the lives of tens of millions are trashed. Millions who can no longer have input into what happens.

How many old people with declining quality of life, and relatively few years left, really desire to hang on to those extra years; especially when their children and grandchildren must pay the price with months or years of economic and other distress?

Something here is very badly wrong.