The UK Government, in common with many others, has taken its cue from now disgraced Prof Ferguson and his advice to the World Health Organisation, and used draconian measures to deal with the present situation. Early projections of potential deaths were massively too high, and there has been a further error of failing to distinguish the proper needs of groups that are vulnerable  from those that are not.

In brief, 90% of deaths occur in those over 65 years, or who have pre-existing health conditions, frequently both. More likely around 80 years old, with at least two serious pre-existing conditions. These groups need to be shielded.  People who are both healthy and also under age 65 have a very small chance of dying. Dr Iaonnidis, (see interview on video page) estimates this risk as about equal to that of dying in a road accident if you commute to work by car. This risk level does not stop anyone driving to work, and that same risk should not force people to stop working now.

Although the media loves to hype stories of children dying, these instances are truly exceptional. Early on in the progress of the virus children were actually thought to be immune. Start with the epidemiological SIR Model article to learn more (here) or browse the Articles Pages here.