This website was set up on 22 April 2020 by a retired Science Teacher. He had been concerned for some time at the quality of media coverage of Covid19. When the media began their attack on the Swedish Government for their “lack of a lockdown” he looked at case figures for the UK and Sweden and could see little difference. This inspired greater concern, and after much internet research and gaining contact with Dr Knut Wittkowski, he wrote a paper (here) on the failure of Governments and Media to address the epidemic rationally.

Having communicated the paper to over twenty politicians and journalists, he felt he was facing something like a brick wall. In particular, a relative who works as a BBC Editor flatly refused to allow publication, or even to acknowledge that a top Epidemiologist disputing the UK Government’s policy could be considered “News.” This website is a last ditch attempt to bring some proper debate to the epidemic, reduce the hysteria, and reduce the economic damage of current policy.

Since this site is so new and shiny (well, perhaps not that shiny!) there should be frequent updates and additions, so please bookmark it and come back soon.