Is Tedros Adhanom of the WHO a fear-mongering, criminal fantasist? FACTCHECK.


Just occasionally the powers that be make an appointment so bizarre that it jellifies the brain. One such was the elevation of the deranged DJ and sex abuser, Jimmy Saville, to Head of Broadmoor Hospital for the criminally insane. Nobody would now question him being a patient there. It was a real life case of a lunatic taking over the asylum.

Now we have Tedros Adhanom in charge of the WHO. He appointed Zimbabwe’s Dictator Robert Mugabe as a WHO Goodwill Ambassador. That stupidity did him no harm, and allegations about his war criminal background in Ethiopia have never gained traction. Just as the Jimmy Saville allegations never did until Saville was dead. Once more, we have a lunatic in charge of the asylum. In this case the asylum is largely funded by eugenicist, vaccine-pushing, Billionaire Gates. At least we know who’s paying the fiddler.

Adhanom’s latest prognostications are yet another assault on the brain cells. Lest anyone believe them, we should consider them set against the facts.

He said:

Some countries are now experiencing a resurgence of cases as they start to re-open their economies and societies. Most people remain susceptible. The virus still has a lot of room to move . . . the hard reality is: This is not even close to being over. Although many countries have made some progress, globally the pandemic is actually speeding up.”

Very clearly, according to his statements, we are in the early stages of a pandemic. What do the graphs say? (All taken from


  1. Global Situation

Here, as is so often the case, we see two contradictory graphs. The first shows things getting rapidly worse, the second shows improvement or settling down. The firsts is Cases. Increased testing has shown increasing numbers of cases, mostly mild or without symptoms. What that graph is really showing is the increase in testing. There is never an adjustment made on these graphs to allow for the ramping up of the testing. Hence the more reliable graph is the deaths one. Although there are many questions about, for example, whether people died “of Covid” or merely “with Covid” the daily deaths graphs are our most reliable guide to where things are going. Let’s look at some of those.


2 Spain


Spain peaks at 866 Deaths per Day on 3rd April. Two months later, they are down to 32, having dropped by 96%. The decline continues.


3 Italy

Italy peaks at 813 Deaths per Day on 2nd April. Two months later, they are down to 82, having dropped by 90%. The decline continues.


4 United Kingdom

The UK peaks at 943 Deaths per Day on 14th April. Two months later, they are down to 165, having dropped by 83%. The decline continues, but only gradually.

From these three graphs we can see that the virus is on its way out. The remarkable thing about them is their similarity, both in terms of the peak date and decline over two months. In so far there is a difference, the UK is doing the worst. Could this be due to a less effective lockdown than Spain and Italy?


5 Sweden

Sweden peaks at 99 Deaths per Day on 16th April. Two months later, they are down to 31, having dropped by 70%. This is an even slower two-month drop than the UK. The Swedes, of course, had no lockdown. However,  in the following two weeks the deaths decline by 95% from the peak. The UK only manages an 88% decline to this point, and the trend is not as steeply downward as Sweden. This fits exactly with the expectation that Sweden would experience relatively more deaths earlier on, but would move more rapidly to herd immunity and the end of the epidemic.

Overall deaths per million in the four countries are similar, with Britain having the most, and Sweden the least.

There are some very clear conclusion from the above:

1. The virus is well on its way out.

2. The virus runs a very similar course in different countries regardless of Government policies, lockdowns, etc.

3. The trashing of Human Rights and crashing of the economy caused by lockdowns is either insane, or criminal, or both.

4. Tedros Adhanom of the WHO is a fear-mongering, criminal fantasist.


NB. There are pervasive rumours that the reason Sweden does so well is that they all live in isolated timber cabins scattered across the mountains, and rarely talk to their neighbours, never mind shaking hands or hugging. Also, the Capital, Stockholm, only has a population of 743. This stupidity thrives on Facebook, but none of it is true. And Sweden is actually more intensively urbanised than the UK.